Saturday, September 6, 2008

Andrew's Preview Day at Mothers Day Out

Andrew was a little shy on his preview day at school but his new teacher Mrs Stacy and aid Mrs Melissa were very nice. I am sure that he will warm up after the first day or two. In this pic the teacher was trying to get him to smile and he wouldn't.

Baby Reece's Ultrasound Pics

These were ultrasound pics done about 21 weeks. It is a boy and he is healthy. So far I am doing well. I am 28 weeks now the start of my third trimester. Starting to feel very pregnant. But all is well, no major pains or complaints. The doctor thinks things are going very well and is optimistic about caring the baby full term.

Andrew's Version of Jack and Jill

Andrew likes to do things his own way sometimes. He has made up his own version of the favorite nursery rhyme Jack and Jill Went up the Hill. It is called Jack and Bill. We asked him why he says this and he tells us that Mimi which is my mother Evelyn taught it to him. I know this is not true but this is what he said. When we try to tell him it is Jack and Jill he says and Bill too. He is just too funny sometimes and I thought I would share.

Last Weekend at the Lake for 08

We had a great time at the lake over Labor Day Weekend. It was beautiful Sunny not too warm, and no rain until Tuesday. We had my sister Amy, her husband Joe, and their kids Taylor and Katelyn. April Leslie was there with her daughter Hannah. We couldn't have asked to end the summer on a better note. Maybe next year we will spend more time up there. The kids swam and adults wakeboarded and kneeboarded. Taylor kneeboarded as well at age 41/2 she is fearless.